Mentor Coaching

ACC-PCC Coach Mentor

Mentor coaching


This requirement by ICF is intended to help applicants prepare for and successfully complete the credential process.


You are required to have at least 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of 3 months by a qualified Mentor Coach. Applications may have more than one qualified Mentor Coach. See below for Mentor Coach qualifications.


For purposes of credentialing, Mentor Coaching means an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant's coaching skill.


You are required to have been mentor coached by a coach who holds a PCC or MCC Credential. Search the ICF Mentor Coach Registry. ICF Credential applicants are not required to select a Mentor Coach from this registry.


A minimum of 3 of the 10 mentoring hours must be one-on-one coaching with the mentor. Group coaching may count for a maximum of 7 hours toward the mentoring requirement. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 10 participants.


On the online credential application, you will list the name of each Mentor Coach, the Mentor Coach email address, credential level of the Mentor Coach, the start and end date of each mentoring relationship, and the number of hours of coaching from each mentor. You are not required to provide documentation from your Mentor Coach, but your Mentor Coach should be able to confirm that the mentoring took place.


If you currently hold an ACC credential and received mentoring from a PCC or MCC credentialed coach, those Mentor Coaching hours may potentially count toward the PCC mentoring requirement. Your Mentor Coach would need to have held the PCC or MCC credential at the time you received your mentoring.


A tele-class is a live, interactive seminar conducted by telephone, much like a conference call. Think of it as a long distance learning where you and other like-minded professionals call into the same telephone number at the same time. tele-classes make it easy to engage in effective peer-to-peer learning, thoughtful discussions, and to explore a wide range of topics all from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, so you never need to worry about what clothes to wear, how you look, or travel arrangements.

To download Skype (free conferencing tool):

Equipments Needed: Either a set of headphones with microphone (connected to a computer with broadband) or a just a phone

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  • ICF Associate
    Certified Coach

    This program, Certified Master Performance Coach offers 62 hours of coach-specific training and is approved by International Coach Federation as an ACSTH program required for ACC credentialing. 10 sessions of coach mentoring, as required by ICF, is also built into this program. This program is designed to help coaches to coach a professional level.

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  • ICF Professional
    Certified Coach

    This program, Certified Master Coach, offers 145 hours of coach-specific training and is designed to elevate coaches to mastery level of coaching through the art and science of Coherence Coaching. Training hours here are pre-approved by ICF in your application for PCC credentialing or for ACC/PCC/MCC re-certification. This program is designed for coaches who wants to coach at the mastery level.

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  • Executive
    Coaching Program

    Executive coaching are for the high performers who believes that they can excel even faster with help from professional leadership coaches. Organizations are investing on these managers have high potential to be future leaders capable of assuming very senior positions. Find out more about our Ex.C.E.L (Executive coaching for enhanced leadership) using our proprietary L.E.A.P coaching program......

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  • Leader's
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    Managers worldwide are discovering the power of coaching. They know that developing people through the coaching approach is the only sustainable solution to produce world-class organizations. Coaching skills cannot belearned through workshops alone but requires practice and follow-ups to internalize it

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  • Certified
    Group Coach

    Group coaching is a specialized skill. Even when you are trained as a coach, you need new skills to coach a group; skills to connect, create awareness and inspiring actions in a group setting. Group coaching offers many advantages among them helping more people at one time and developing powerful bonds among group members.

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  • Build a
    Coaching Culture

    Organizations are discovering that the missing link to a healthy and thriving workplace i.e. by creating a work culture of learning, sharing, openess to perspectives and ideas; where people are self-empowered to learn and grow to achieve organizational objectives

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  • Leadership

    Leadership development is a continuous process and not just a 2-days workshop. Every manager-leader has their unique strength and development opportunities. You need a comprehensive program that provides a systematic way to develop each manager supported by a tool that you can use thereafter to develop your managers-leaders further. Find out more about our L.E.A.D

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  • Team Coaching

    Building trust is a crucial component to strengthening relationships. To coach, develop and lead others team members must have trust and rapport at work. This program is specially designed to develop trust and intimacy as a foundation to an environment of coaching and learning. Participants will learn how to leverage on body language, tone and words while interacting with others to build trust and relationships.

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  • System to enhance
    Corporate Coaching

    A coaching system is essentially a tool for coaches to help coachees enhance their performance in a systematic manner. This is a web-based system. Coachees may use common profiling tools such as 360 assessments, personality profiling, leadership styles and many more to discover their strengths and opportunity for improvements. This system also supports in the building a coaching culture.

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I am always impressed with Wai's ability to be with the client and coach them from where they are. He brings clarity and authenticity to his coaching. He is able to reach the heart of the matter with grace and skill.

Joanne Waldman
M.Ed, PCC, LPC, NCC New Perspective Coaching

Wai has a very professional Coaching Presence. He consistently listens on a deep level-he has a true talent here. He moves his client skillfully to Designing Actions, based on the client's focus. He is very honoring of his clients and asks good follow-up questions.

Sheri Boone
MCC, CL Inspired Mastery