Coaching Certification Testimonials

Veturi Pramod

"Being in a corporate environment, I have had exposure to many Leadership Courses and Workshops aimed and enhancing my skills and competencies. The CMPC program led by Master Coach Wai K would certainly rank as being one of the most effective, powerful and transformational programs I have attended. The Certification program spread over 7 days is replete with role-plays, team activities; live coaching simulations.  Apart from the core modules that expose you to the competencies of coaching, the real distinguishing factor is the masterful facilitation by Wai K. It’s a demonstration of coaching in motion every minute of the way.  Through all the key sessions, all the interactions, all the debates and discussions, Wai K challenges all the participants in a style that is both unique and understated, to introspect deeply, think critically and inspires them to commit to the fulfilling journey of becoming a Coach

For me, far from being a mere certification course, the seven days unraveled into an exciting process of self-discovery and heightened self awareness, necessary for one to be an effective coach.  It’s exactly a month since the course has concluded and for me, thinking and behaving like a coach has become a way of life.  It’s an exciting feeling!!!

For anyone looking to enter the exciting world of coaching , seeking to acquire lifelong skills and getting trained by one of the foremost experts in the field, I would wholeheartedly encourage them to look at this program conducted by Wai K..You will get inspired. Happy coaching."

Veturi Pramod, (Managing Director)
Standard Chartered Bank

Kiran Altaf

"I had heard a good deal about Wai K and how his training program does wonders; after having attended his program, I feel what I had heard was not enough!

My experience has been two pronged; as a participant of the program as well as the training organizer for my company. In both capacities, I have yet to experience a program better than this one. As a participant, aspiring to get certified as a Coach from ICF, I was initially overwhelmed with the amount of content that Wai K had laid out. My apprehension was overload of information and ending up unable to put only a little bit of it in to practice. I was wrong to my relief and disbelief. The curriculum has been designed and was paced in a manner that it allowed participants to sail through it, with right amount of practicing and appropriately scheduled recapitulation exercises.

Not to forget the disciplined fashion that Wai K follows to unroll the concepts, tools and techniques, ensuring inclusion of each participant and encouraging them to contribute & actively participate. Another unique feature of this program is the self-reflection that participants experience while practicing, it has been a journey of self-awareness for me, and I could safely say that for each participant.

As Trainings Head, I absolutely enjoyed working and interacting with Wai K, he is a thorough professional who is laser focused and committed to get future coaches to learn. To me, this is one of the best investments that my company has made in terms of people development, without a doubt. I strongly recommend this Coaching Certification Pragram to all aspiring coaches!"

Kiran Altaf, (Corporate Training & Learning Manager)
Nestle Pakistan,

Paul Chua
My coaching journey continues, after my certification, as I strive to clock-in my 100 hours of coaching to be ready for my ACC exam. I'm targeting by September, 2017. I have been enjoying this journey and it has been very rewarding and enriching experience, both for the client and for me as a coach.

I'd like to share one coaching experience that was particularly rewarding for me. The client was working for a very large American IT company as a Managing Director, responsible for two countries with a few hundred employees in her organization. One year ago, she opted for a voluntary separation package after working for 28 years with the company; to retire and spend time with her family. After a year into her retirement, she had a strong urge to do something meaningful with her life and she seek coaching to help her decide on her next phase of life. My client was familiar with coaching as she had worked with a professional coach from US during her employment.

After some communication and getting acquainted with her, she decided to work with me. Despite my years of working experience, I was excited and yet nervous at the possibility that I may be perceived as amateur coach since I have only just starting out. Compounding my anxiety was the fact that I had requested for a paid assignment to work with her. This has added my pressure to deliver. Anyway, I asked myself, "What is the worst thing that can happen? At most, I don't get to see her after the first session!"

The first session went well as I started to engage and coached her using the coaching competencies and tools that I have learned, inviting her to reflect and search within her. I can see her in deep self-reflection as she thinks and responded to my coaching questions. My coaching presence in the session was strong as I lost track of time and ended up spending two hours in our first session.

As a result of our first session, she had agreed to take a few actions but I was not confident at that point if our second session will happen. She went for a short holiday and immediately upon her flight touching down (she shared that), she contacted me for a second session! Joy! We met and after the second session, she immediately became clear about what she wanted as her "next phase". She was so excited that she told me it was a WOW experience for her, having gained clarity and insights in just two sessions! Impressed with her outcome, she said that she would gladly introduce her friends and business colleagues to work with me. In her words, "This is good stuff and I look forward to our next session after completing my action items."

I feel very encouraged and excited with this experience, particularly so, having worked with a client whom I do not know and who had held very senior leadership position in a multi-national company. What started with apprehension, fear and anxiety has ended up very well with tangible results. My coach training and my past leadership experience has indeed paid off. This positive experience have further boosted my confidence and I now know that I can make a difference with clients holding senior leadership positions!

Thank you Wai K for preparing me for this rewarding journey!

Paul Chua, (Certified Master Performance Coach)
Executive Leadership and Life Coach

Michael Oh Hong Choon

"My name is Shakeel Ahmad and I am heading the biggest sales zone of Nestle Pakistan. I am leading a diverse team of 68 members with 10 direct reports. As we know that today organizations are spending the biggest chunk of their training budgets on 'Leadership Development'. The objective is very clear, 'Unleashing the full potential of people'. I have been the part of different Leadership Programs and when I got the call from my Human Resource colleague that I have been chosen from the whole sales function of my company to attend the 'Coaching Program', my feeling was not much different versus any other leadership development program. But I was wrong this time as it was entirely different experience altogether which had positively impacted my personal & professional life.

I would like to briefly share my experience of coaching program with all of you. Coaching in itself is a very powerful approach of people development and the way Wai K conducts the whole program is a life time experience. I think you would not believe that Wai K has not used even a single PowerPoint slide in this 07 days program, it was all about sharing knowledge, experiences, viewpoints and discussions around ideas. It is about practicing the coaching competencies, tools & different models. It is about bringing new situations to discuss & explore various options and horizons. Wai K has this unique quality of engaging people & making us reflect and think. The technique Wai K uses is writing on charts, our group named it 'Wai K Treasure'. This beautifully orchestrated program first builds the coaching fundamentals of the participants through engaged learning & experiencing followed by actually entering into coaching relationship with coachees. After few weeks of real life coaching experience, participants again joined the program for 'Advance Coaching' techniques & skills.

The part two of the program was even better learning experience because now participants shared their own coaching experience, the real life issues & challenges. It is almost a month now that I underwent this coaching program, it has largely changed not only the way I lead my team but also my personal life, the way I deal with my wife & children; a very positive change indeed. I am becoming more effective at my work & my personal life is also improving. I would strongly recommend this Certified Master Performance Coach program to you as I am sure it will change your paradigm the way it has changed mine. All the Best & Happy learning experience."

Shakeel Ahmad, (Regional Sales Director)
Nestle Pakistan

Dr. Nancy Jenster

"The Coaching for Mastery Performance course offered by Wai K has made a big difference to me professionally and personally. Wai K is the best role model imaginable of a person dedicated to helping others learn, grow and to help them fulfill their greatest capacity possible. The course is designed in a way perfectly tailored to my needs: the 8 day program takes us, the beginning coach candidates through a personal journey of discovery, passing carefully placed milestones and checkpoints, where in the end, when you reach your final destination, you are surprised to find that the journey was pleasant and refreshing, not arduous nor exhausting! I have found a new appreciation for the depth of development and self awareness needed to become a fully fledged certified coach, and for the profession of coaching itself, through Wai K's gentle yet persisten and highly skilled t teaching, mentoring and coaching of all of us. Thank you for a great start to a lifelong journey of learning!"

Dr. Nancy P. Jenster, (Senior Consultant)
Center for International Management and Development,
Morges, Switzerland

Amin daud

"If you are looking for coaching training program that really works, CMPC course is a distinguished one. Whether you are pursuing coaching as a professional career or to use it in your current role as a leader or colleague in a work place or even in a family role, the course provides pleasant environment for you to pick up the skill effectively. We went through 8 days of classroom engagement, equipped with simplified learning materials and filled with opportunities to practice and get feedback from the team mates and the Master Coach. What I like the most is real demonstration by the Master Coach in response to impromptu situations brought up by the coachee. It was amazing to see how he shows the coaching competencies in the role play and indeed that has been effective in building our confidence in becoming a better coach. It was not all time filled with lecture (which most adults trying to avoid). It was made alive with role play, games, simulations, team building activities and practicum. At the end of each session, we went back filled with confidence, looking forward to apply the skill. With such approach, it has helped me in my work as a team leader. The results include improved engagement with my colleagues and greater ownership of tasks and projects. If you ask me to join CMPC course again, I will say a burning YES!"

Aminudin Daud
Associate Director, Premier Academy, AIA Bhd


"The CMPC program by far exceeded my expectations. As a psychologist, I have attended many workshops, conferences and continued education programs; this training is of a mastery standard. The coaching process taught in this program has brought me powerful life changing insights, a new awareness of the human psyche and has taken my skills to a higher level.
The training agenda flowed smoothly from one topic to the other with a focus on discussion and input from the participants. The most successful achievement in my opinion was the facilitator's expert ability to create a safe environment for the participants to bond, have fun, share ideas, insights and valuable personal experience which was highly conducive to learning. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in connecting in an authentic manner with fellow human beings, whether professionally or personally."

Olivia Olhen,
Clinical & Corporate Psychologist/Coach

Frank Drew

"The entire workshop was a rewarding experience from both the professional and personal perspective for me. As a result of this training I now think completely differently about the whole idea of people needing to have ownership of their own issues rather than us feeling like we have to be solution providers. I have been working the last two years on developing my listening skills because I had an instinct that this is what people want most from us in any conversation, but your coaching session has enabled me to go to a whole new level in all my communications. The workshop has therefore definitely resulted in powerful positive change for me. Already I am finding that I have to check myself way less often than ever before for coming up with an "answer" in my head to address the other person's issue, or feeling like I need to steer things in a certain direction to guarantee that there is a result by the end of the session. So the whole idea of "change happens now" even if it is a baby step for the other person means that our exchange together was valuable is something I always keep in mind. Thanks for the wisdom - and your patience with all of us."

Frank Drew
Asia Group Exercise Manager
Asia Star Guest Champion


I find the certified coach program very enriching personally for myself and also as a leader in the organization. The tools are powerful, with the step by step approach with many methodology to use for any situation. In the 8 days program, I had gained great insights and each session was very enriching with real learning. Wai K is a remarkable Master Coach and amazing to see how he manages any situation and able demonstrate the various techniques. The practice sessions with useful feedbacks from Wai K makes the learning experiential. I have already started to apply what I have learned and I feel blessed that I am able to coach, guide and support other coaches explore and become aware of the options to achieve their goals. I was able to apply all the ICF Core Competencies, starting from the Coaching Agreement right up to Designing Action. I was conscious of the GROW model, and able to set the goals, emptying the cup with reality, look at options and moving way forward. I really enjoy and love the coaching as I see it as contributing to the society to bring out the in people. So far I find the coaching sessions as the most powerful learning in all my learning in the area Leadership and Management. I must thank Wai K, for being a great Coach and I really admire his capability and ability to keep the participants engaged and motivated at all times.

Rahima Ibrahim, Senior Vice President,
Head of Human Resources, Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Brian Tyebileyo

Wai K, Thank you for the life changing experience, it was indeed a real mindset shift for me, not so many moments in one's life can one truly change one's perspective about things like the Master Coaching training we had with your assistance. The training really unleashed something in me which I never realized I had, the power to change lives through open conversations and for that I am truly grateful.
Your techniques of sharing information have really taught me something new, not so many facilitators can effectively share without a presentation of some sort but still make so much impact. The program has taught me the power of being humble yet powerful in mind and soul. I am really looking forward to this coaching journey of a million miles and it started the day I walked in to your class. I'm more than glad to share any of our coaching moments, hope that will inspire others to take up this challenge.

Brian Tyebileyo,

May Wong

This CMPC training is the most enjoyable and fruitful training I've ever attended. At the end of the training, I felt like I would like to start the program all over again! This program has helped me tremendously in understanding my strengths and weaknesses, sharpening my existing skills and most of all, have a better sense of self awareness. By applying the coaching techniques, I am even able to perform better not only at work, but am able to build better relationship with friends & family. Through the peer-coaching sessions, I can vividly see how everyone of us improved day by day. I appreciated that we had a few days of breaks in between and many review sessions when we regroup again to share how our new found skill has helped us throughout the week. Initially, I intended to use this program to coach members of my team and the stakeholders I am working with, however, post program, I realized that since I enjoyed coaching so much, this can be an alternate career path. I have also had the opportunity of meeting an amazing bunch of people, they are now friends instead of just classmates. Wai K is indeed an excellent trainer and his level of patience, energy and focus is admirable. He has provided us with an extremely warm and supportive learning environment, that alone is priceless. Thank you Wai K for a life changing experience - you are truly a Master Coach!

May Wong,
Shell International

Kevin Menon

I haveKevin Menon been counseling and coaching for more than 10 years and have attended other coaching seminars and courses. I have by far found the master of performance coaching course the most comprehensive. The course helped me better understand the framework, techniques and most importantly spirit of coaching and how we can help our clients. The structure of the course and Wai K's excellent facilitation allowed me (and the rest of the participants) to explore, discuss and process important points so that we were better able to grasp and internalize the importance and intricacy of each aspect. The systematic and structured approach as well as the feedback given during practice session also helped me refine my coaching style and understand how I can better improve how I apply these skills. I personally feel this course is a must for any aspiring coach.

Kevin Menon, MAP.SPS,
Registered Clinical Psychologist, Human Dynamics (Singapore)

Helga fernandez

Learning under the tutelage of Wai K was an amazing experience. Like a master wizard, Wai K unfolds the magic of learning. This in itself was a revelation.. one of many 'ah-ha' moments I experienced during the program. Wai K, quickly gained the nickname "sifu", and there is a reason for that. He delivers the program so that participants learn at many levels.

Firstly, at the conscious level, where the 'how-to', the coaching theories and principals are introduced. Then there's the next level, where I experienced the challenges of coaching and sharpened my skills, thru many peer coaching practices, observations and feedback sessions. This proved to be an invaluable learning. And thirdly, at a deeper level, when I found myself having a heightened awareness of who I am and my role as a coach.

In short, the manner in which Wai K puts across the learning points, has a profound impact on who I am as a coach. In this program, it is not just about Learning.. it's also about Discovering. The insights gained from attending this program will last me lifetime, in which ever way I choose to use it. I strongly recommend this program to those of you looking for a meaningful Coaching career.

To my "sifu" - Wai K, thank you for making the program such a memorable experience and I shall always hold you in high regard and as my role-model. And to my classmates a big thank you for opening your hearts to me, for your wisdom and for your friendship.

Helga Fernandez (Coach/Trainer),
CMPC � class of October 2010

Richard Hutson

Coaching is a lot more than learning how to lead, engage, motivate and set people free at work! It's a life skill that has dramatically changed the way I approach my interactions with others. I am more concerned on hearing what people say instead of pressing a point of my own. At work it has helped me immensely to build added trust and a better working environment with a team that has strong opinions and a lot of pride in their day to day jobs. At home it has made me a better parent whereby I try to get my children to come up with their own solutions. If you can have success coaching children, then I believe you can coach anyone! My whole life of communicating has been turned upside down from this course and I am grateful that you shared this skill with me. All the best Wai K.

Rich Hutson, Sales Director,
Fitness First

Cindy Lee

It has been an invaluable learning on what coaching is all about and it has certainly enriched my life in many ways; personal mastery and professional development. The most memorable and difficult chapter in this learning journey would be challenging my core beliefs, in particular, my strongly rooted assumptions. Years back during a motivational talk, I failed to break a pencil with my finger and the past failure has remained in my memory and shaped my thinking. November 14, 2014 marked a significant milestone. I experienced the power of coaching. Wai K have coached me to overcome the inaccurate assumptions and helped me successfully breakthrough my limiting beliefs. Through this memorable coaching session, I walked through the entire process, identifying my core limiting beliefs, that I was not consciously aware of, which was my assumption that I will not be able to break the pencil with my finger. Powerful questions were raised to locate the source of my assumptions. With these shifts, I successfully broke the pencil; witnessed by course mates and captured in video! The old belief had been shaken and replaced with a more useful belief and this has produced positive feelings. This course has changed my perspective and mindset in all aspects of my life. I find it really useful especially it can be applied for self-coaching. The coaching skills comes in handy as I am considering several major decisions in my life and I am at the cross road. I have decided to see things from different perspectives and do things differently to produce different results. Wai K, you have given me the best gift (imparting coaching knowledge to me) and this is definitely the key highlight of my life in 2014.

Cindy Ng, HR, Learning & Organizational Development,
Sanofi Aventis


course opened up new possibilities for me to be not just a coach but more importantly to be a father -coach, a husband-coach, and a manager-coach. I owe this to Wai K. who facilitated the program in a way I came to realize that to become a great coach is not about the methodology but it is all about the person's being and the mindset. I came to the realization that most of us have the answers but we are programmed to look for answers somewhere out there. I could have never imagined that coaching has such a tremendous impact in empowering people's life and getting them to become better than what they think they can be. It is really about moving someone forward from the present to the future in a positive way. Thank you Wai K. for your patience and encouragement. Your being made all the difference.

Faiket Luhari, Marketing Director,
Insights-Matrix Sdn. Bhd.

Nancy Wong

Thank you for being who you are and I'm grateful that I attended CMPC, it's more than a program, it's friendship, support and trust that we built in our team. CMPC is an excellent program which is far more beyond skill sets or tools, it's about SELF, it's about BEING. I'm truly inspired, awakened by Wai K and the great coaches in the group (all the participants). Wai K is superb in sharing, advising, encouraging, motivating, empowering and more so his authenticity have brought to me great awareness and the insights of life. I have learnt so much in the past few weeks which has become my life skills. I'm grateful of the friendship, support and trust we have in the team. Highly recommended to all coaches and anyone who has interest in people. Thank you Wai K and all the wonderful coaches in the group.

Nancy Wong, Biz Dev Manager/Sales Trainer,
B Braun Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd

Laurence Tan

The CMPC course has been the most enlightening course that I've attended over the last 25 years of my career. There was never a dull moment. Every theory came with lots of interaction and related activity that allowed the participants to grasp the concept and internalise these findings. What's great about the course is the masterly coaching demonstration provided by Wai K, and the numerous practises that we went through to hone up our skills. Wai K is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach. He is a great listener and imparts with great wisdom. This course is well structured, that allowed the participants the time to absorb the learning and put them into practice. What started out as total strangers for the participants, Wai K was able to create a safe, fun learning experience that make all of us great friends and coaches before the end of the course. I've greatly benefited from the course and have started to apply these coaching techniques into my daily approach with great results. It has also created awareness in me to be more open minded in my approach, and that all you need is a great coach to help unlock the creativity in all of us. This has indeed helped me in deciding on my next phase of my life.

Laurence Tan, Founder & Entrepreneur (Singapore)

Teo SC

I have always been intrigued by what makes people tick. We are influenced in many thousand times and in many thousand ways every day. Sometimes we're aware of that influence, but more often than not, we make judgment based on assumptions and intuition. As a Corporate Communication person, I figured, by mastering the Coaching competencies, it will help me professionally in managing these 'influences' more effectively.
Hence I have embarked on the coaching journey through the CMPC program on my own initiative. What started out intentionally as a means to further develop my career, turned out to be a most rewarding and enriching learning for me personally too. The program helped me immensely in realising my strengths and 'achilles heel' in communicating with people as well as heightened my self-awareness. A simple yet most startling realisation was how by using SILENCE at the appropriate moment is powerful enough to generate many 'aha' moments!
Wai K is definitely a true Master Coach. He has an unique but most effective way to impart valuable knowledge and share extremely practical techniques with his students. His workshop is not your typical run-of-the-mill session with loads of power-point and 'rah-rah' video presentations. Instead, he adopts experiential teaching through his strong presence, real-time demonstrations and coaching role-play sessions. I have enjoyed the program so much that I was actually sad when it came to an end.
The program was definitely one of the best personal investment I have ever made for myself! . Not only has it empowered me with the competencies and techniques to communicate with people better but Wai K, in his gentle but self-assured ways brought on a powerful mindset shift in me....which will certainly carry me well both professionally and personally :-).

Teo Shaw Ching
April 2015

Wayne Chee

It's been a very beneficial learning for me over the last three weeks in this program. I am now more enthusiastic and energized than ever before. And I have begun putting the newly acquired knowledge and skills to work. Results are lifting my spirit to new heights!! Great learning and insight into self awareness, reflection and discovery to become more efficient and effective at work and living a more meaningful lifestyle.
This program would enable one to gain insight into the fundamentals and core of coaching. Compliments to the many aspects of what we don't know (i.e. our blind spot). The application of the tools set and skills set of coaching would enable and accelerate learning (for both the coach and coachee) in leadership development and hence a break through in paradigm and reach peak performance. The competencies, tools set and skills set learned are applicable in the workplace, family and public everywhere. CMPC enables one to be a much better listener, more specifically listening to the underlying meaning and the unsaid. And build rapport and trust instantly. Becoming non judgmental during communication which will lead to self awareness, reflection and discovery of the untapped opportunities and blind spot. I am now able to see more strengths and the enormous potentials of everyone I come into contact with. An affirmative way to unlock and unleash talent. Aren't Managers and Leaders are supposed to do just that?? I have no hesitation to recommend anyone to join the learning through CMPC. Wai K has been very effective and instrumental in facilitating the learning. Thank you!)

Wayne Chee,
GM of a MNC (March 2011

Sulynn Choong

The CMPC program is an amazing learning experience - FUN and enlightening! Wai K Leong masterfully coaches the class in the discipline and art of coaching. Never a dull moment - poignant short films, games, energizer breaks, spirited discussions, mindful reflection peppered with light moments, buddy coaching sessions - all draw hidden wisdom and awareness from within each participant. The camaraderie in class is testament to Wai K's inimitable skills in fostering trust and rapport, creating a safe environment for skills building. Best program I have attended in a long while! And the post-program support and alumni community are a big PLUS. Highly recommended for all aspiring coaches!

Sulynn Choong (Masters of Applied Positive Psychology)
Positive Change Consultant/Coach, Human Capital Perspectives Sdn Bhd

Yim Chow Choon

"You are reading this because somewhere inside you, there is resonance with the concept of Coaching. Whether you are a successful corporate manager looking at using coaching as a springboard to get more from your associates willingly, or someone looking at pursuing coaching as a career, this program will more than meet your needs and expectation - no matter how high, as it did with mine. Using an inside out, highly hands-on and experiential learning methodology, Coach Extraordinaire, Wai K, has successful "educed" the best in me and made them blossom - something which only the very best coaches can do. Through walking the talk and being a coach, Wai K helped me to achieve an early breakthrough and installed some of most critical mindset and skill set required for success in coaching.. The program was a great SUCCESS - an acronym for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Caring, Emotional and Satisfying. I recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to really master the science and art of coaching."
Thanks Wai K for being a coach extraordinaire.. You showed us the "way"and the threshold to strive. I am glad to be under your tutorage... and will from hereon bragged that you are my Sifu...

Yim Chow Choon (Principal)
Coach/ Author/Trainer, Puncak Jupiter Management Services

Li Sum

"Overall, the program has exceeded my expectation on all fronts and was truly an eye-opener. The learning transpired through the sessions was beyond coaching skills and methodologies. I felt like I was being coached while in the program as the teachings and discussions created many self-realizations moments. These moments encouraged a lot of reflections on becoming a better person as a whole. I learned that basic human qualities are one the key ingredients to becoming a good coach. Additionally, the teaching methods that Wai K adopted have made the program interesting and engaging. There were many practical yet fun sessions throughout the program. For me, the one thing that was captivating about the program was to be able to observe a great coach like Wai K in action through the demonstrations. It was really inspiring to be able to learn from someone like him. I would highly recommend this program for those who are interested to learn about coaching. It actually gives you more than that!"

Li Sum Pung (Manager)
RBC Learning Solutions, Human Resources

Roger Ng

I feel grateful that we have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other for almost two weeks. It was an occasion that I cannot afford to miss in my 30 years of work life. I am lucky to go through the whole process and have sufficient opportunities to practice and understand the rationale behind coaching, more precisely, Performance Coaching. Wai K, you have an effective way to deliver the message to us in a clear, lively and professional manner. I love all colorful words posted to the wall, the reflection sessions when we went through those things that we have learnt. I love your humble (quiet power in your mind) way of delivering/ sharing coaching knowledge with us. In the workshop, I feel energized in all our 8 days; I get excited even when I went back to AmCorp hotel each day. I am sure that the "seed of consciousness" has been planted and I expect someday, somewhere, when we meet, we can see the GREATNESS in each of us. For those they does not have such opportunities, I feel they may miss some things in their life - another way of communication sharing in an un-threatening manner. Upon return to office, I told my boss, Eric, that even if I had to pay for the course myself, I think it is more than worth it. Taking this opportunity, thank you for your sharing, insight and your quiet power. I remind myself of your words - always Coachee Agenda. We will have the opportunity to see each other again whether in Malaysia or Hong Kong. Thanks.

Roger Ng, CFO (Hong Kong)
Human Dynamic Inc.

Tak Ming

I wish to thank all of you for helping make the whole training such a fun time. I was suitably surprised by the dynamics of the groups and the fun we had with each other. I am touched by your kind words... "wisdom and cool..." wow! The coach training was practical, meaningful and soulful. There were many take-aways but the most important to me is the reminder of my humanity and that of the person I will be working with. Everyone deserves a second chance... I was not there when this was shared but Helga's recap to me was "not to be afraid to be yourself and to make mistake..." thank you. Thank you too for hearing me out as I share about my own work struggle; found some glimpses of truth too. To Wai K, I wish to express my gratitude for being a patient and kind soul. Wai K, you epitomised coaching and is a great role model of what a coach should be. Thank you and God bless.

Lai Tak Ming, Director
Group HR and Admin, Gamuda Bhd

Philip Lee

Wai K's course was recommended to me above the others in the market by a qualified coach friend. I had no expectations other than to survive the long duration of the course (continuous 8 days including a long Saturday!) and to graduate at the end. From the beginning, it occurred to me that this would not be like any other course or seminar. The participants were all clear minded and mature in their purpose for being there. The initial bond we felt for each other from almost the first greeting was a warm friendliness, this would only pull us closer as the days went by. Wai K's style of 'sharing' (its really not strictly teaching the conventional way) is unique in form . For substance, at its heart, the participants are fully part of the process of self discovery on the theory and techniques of professional coaching. The models and framework of the ICF coaching process are introduced through lively discussions, sharing of life and professional experiences and games - especially the latter! Throughout the course, every participant was made to feel they had something to share and was always encouraged to do so. In the end, as we congratulated and hugged each other - and took the inevitable group ('school graduation') photos, the sentimental loss of this 'little family' for that intense period of my life will always remain long after the CMPC certificate has browned. It was a sense of togetherness, it was a sense of being at the forefront of something new that was big, it was a real sense of achievement. For all that, we as the class of Oct 2010 we thank and salute Wai K , our chief coach hereafter. Thank you for helping start each of us on our own coaching journey; you have truly made us ChaMPionChip material!

Philip Lee, Chairman
Yuen Chun Industries Sdn Bhd,

Trudy Goh

The CMPC program has been an amazing journey for me. It not only taught me the competencies and skills in coaching, it also brought along alot of self-awareness for me. That, to me, was value-added. The learning experience in this program has far exceeded my expectations and this is 1 program that I will remember for a long long time. It was fun, interactive and never a dull moment. Wai K was very skillful in creating a very trusting environment for the students to open up and share real life issues for role plays. He's very experienced and demonstrated all the competencies and skills of coaching. His patience, sincerity and willingness to share his knowledge is something I treasure. He really walks his talk on coaching!! Apart from learning from the master-coach, I also gained much knowledge from my fellow CMPCians in class. They are a wonderful bunch of people and were all so willing to share their knowledge and experience as well. That was certainly a bonus of the program. The knowledge and skills that I gained from this program is invaluable. The CMPC program has certainly added a value to my life and I now hope to help others with my skills. I will certainly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to pursue coaching, personally or professionally. Wai K, thank you very much. I had a great time while learning. Cheers!

Trudy Goh
Principal Consultant, Certified Master Performance Coach

Stephen Shum

First of all thank you very much for conducting the CMPC program for us and giving us this opportunity to move forward in our coaching career. It has been a very useful and fun filled experience for me. Besides the content of the program being of high quality, you have delivered and facilitated it superbly with your professional skills, experience and sense of humor. It is really commendable how you have incorporated so much of adult and accelerated learning methodologies into the program thus easing comprehension and retention. It is amazing how you have gently nudged and allowed the individuals in the class to develop a good and warm relationship with one another, as evidenced by every one's eagerness and full participation. Above all I like the way you presented and elevated the essence of the coaching path as a personal journey, thus touching the very being of the coach rather than it being a career per say. No doubt your continued presence in the industry and grooming of coaches will greatly enhance the standard and professional practices of the present and future coaches who cross your path. It is with great appreciation that I write this email.

Stephen Shum
Human Capital Perspectives Ltd

Kevin Gan

I have learned to become a professional coach through the very effective approach Wai K has applied. ICF competencies focused, strong theoretical foundation, numerous 'life' coaching sessions (being a coach, a coachee and observer) and spontaneous class discussion have enabled me to acquire and apply the very essence of coaching. I am fully confident and empowered now to conduct full fledged professional coaching with any coachee on any topic :)
Besides, I have achieved personal breakthrough via increased self awareness, mastery of the coaching essence and rediscovery of my life passion. I have also witnessed the transformation in my fellow classmates/coaches which can only be best described in their own words. My highest appreciation and respect to our coach "Guru" Wai K, who has effectively imparted his coaching expertise by putting us on the central stage with full engagement throughout the entire process. Excellent Wai K!

Kevin Gan
Certified Master Performance Coach

Raja Maznah Raja Hussain

The CMPC course has added value to my life. The course is engaging, adaptive and interactive. I was able to learn in a safe environment with the support of the patient coach and fellow CPCians with similar visions. I have found another purpose in my life and I am confident that I will be able to practice the coaching skills and make a difference. I would like to say that having attended the CPC has made me more aware of what I know and don't know and allowed me to consolidate my understanding of coaching principles that I may have applied sub-consciously in my teaching and mentoring others. I find myself wearing the hat of a coach consciously, which makes me more aware of what I say or communicate to my family, colleagues and students. I look forward to a day when I do not have to think about what hat I'm wearing anymore, i.e. the coach hat will be my preferred hat and I will not leave home without it...
As for a career path, I suppose coaching is a calling for me. I could see myself helping people especially parents to develop wholesome children. Thank you Wai K and everyone of my lovely classmates.

Professor Dr. Raja Maznah Raja Hussain
Director Academic Development Center, University Malaya

Maple Keh

I had wanted to attend a coaching course to learn about what coaching is and due to the Law of Attraction, I was arranged by the forces of the Universe to meet up with the MOST qualified & the BEST coach in the industry, Mr Wai K Leong! The CPC program had given me the real insight into what coaching and its principles are. It opened up my mind about the power of correct usage of words and positive dialogues and it helped me understand how impactful our body, heart and mind could have on people and situation especially under trying circumstances. I have learned from this comprehensive program invaluable knowledge, tools and skills to help me pursue my new career path as a life coach, as well as my personal spiritual development to benefit others. All in all the course has helped me gained a great deal of knowledge and confidence under Wai k's professionalism and guidance and I have gained plenty of hands on coaching experiences too during the role play practices. In a nut shell, this is the perfect program for me to learn all the necessary in coaching. The other most wonderful outcome of this program is the bonding and friendships forged among the CPCians. I feel completely SECURED after the great RAPPORT and TRUST established in this new association of professionals who have come together with more or less the same goals and aims in life to bring benefits to self and others through whatever path we choose to take. Thank you and hope this program would continue to flourish so that many more can experience the POWER of Coaching.

Maple Keh
Certified Master Performance Coach

Jino Lim

This program has provided me with a very easy-to-follow, prescriptive way to learn the techniques required to succeed and build a strong base of knowledge not just in coaching but also beyond. I was very impressed with Wai K as an instructor. He knows the material inside and out, and unlike many in the training industry; he works effectively to help his participants understand it. The CPC workshop was the final and most important step in my future undertaking. He was simply amazing. He was very knowledgeable and eager to help you along the journey to become a successful coach. He was always prepared and kept the workshop on course, giving great customized direction to each participant. He really helps me to find and focus on my weak points, and was instrumental to my success. I highly definitely recommend CPC Coaching to anyone who is in need of coaching needs. Thank you and high regards.

Jino Lim,
Director/ Certified Master Performance Coach

Fauziah Kamaruddin

I have to say that this CMPC program is one of the most worthwhile training I have ever attended. In fact, it was the best learning experience of my life! I wish I had taken it up ten years ago. This program has made me realized what my strengths were and how they can help me not just in my coaching ability but also in how I can communicate better with my loved ones, friends, acquaintances and people in general. By applying the skills and knowledge that I have acquired through my training, I will be able to inspire, guide and empower people to get to where they want to be. The course itself is a complete learning experience for me. It has also given me an instant source of fresh insights into what coaching is all about. Mr. Wai K Leong, our trainer has provided me with a very supportive learning environment. He has helped me in learning, growing and developing coaching skills even though it was within a short frame of time. This has built within me a further and deeper interest in coaching. His coaching presence has created a very good rapport between us. He was able to focus and direct his energy to assist me and the other trainees in solving some of our own issues. I can see that he was genuinely interested in getting us all inspired to become brilliant coaches. He has been very patient and understanding in helping us to find our way to breakthrough the coaching experience and this has made him our coaching hero! By participating in this program, I have the opportunity to meet and make friends with other trainees from diverse backgrounds. This has provided a great opportunity for me to deal with different situations and see them from different perspectives. The whole program was an intense challenge but at the same time I had an incredible time! We had a lot of fun with kindred spirits which I will forever cherish. Last but not least, I strongly feel that this CPC program is very empowering. It teaches, inspires and coaches me to become a positive person with better understanding on how to help others get past their emotional barriers and it has definitely changed my life for the better!!

Fauziah Kamaruddin,
Certified Master Performance Coach

Ryback Yap Pien Chie

As a SME Business Financing consultant and a private banker for more than 8 years, I have found this training a turning point in my life and business. Through this coaching program, I realized that all of us have a personal power to help ourselves through difficult times. The program has given me the opportunity and space to discover my internal resourcefulness and strength to handle whatever life throws at me. Through this workshop, I have learned how to help people discover their power; that it is possible to start living a life that is meaningful and rewarding. I have also discovered that coaching is totally different from consulting that I'm familiar with. Coaching focuses on helping people discover their own ideas, strengths, and solutions and this develop the human capabilities in organizations. This program has provided me with new opportunities to find meaning, excitement and success in life while learning the coaching skills. I constantly remind myself that I have ONLY one shot at life, so I aim for success. With a good coach, we have the opportunity to achieve these in our lives. That is the reason why I made the decision to travel from East Malaysia to KL to enroll in this program. Wai K engages us in a friendly and persuasive exploration of the coaching competencies, helped us understand the coaching industry and find the meaning through our individual strengths. His experience, expertise, training methodology, conversational style makes it easy to learn these skills and his irresistible approach to the pursuit of change that resulted in ultimately, the discovery of my talents, ideas and strengths.
Thank you Wai K.

Ryback Yap Pien Chie, Director,
Standard Wealth Management Sdn. Bhd.

Chong Swan Choo

By going through the CMPC training and learning the ICF coaching core competencies, I feel more empowered to bring out the best in people:
I feel more confident that I can make a big, positive impact on someone's life. My level of confidence gets a big boost when I realise that I can offer value to anyone whom I spend time with! I have a real sense of direction in coaching, knowing that I don't have to worry about being 'lost' or not knowing what to do next. I'm now able to harvest big rewards from making a profound difference in people's lives. The rewards can range from emotional & psychological to social. Whatever that is important to me, there's nothing quite like the feeling I get from knowing someone's life has been improved because I am in it. Knowing at the deepest level that I really matter that I make a difference in people's lives; that I am an important & valuable part of this world. Wai K, our trainer has provided us with a "dancing with the flow" learning process which I feel we gained a lot from this natural learning process. I have found the vision in my life and I am confident that I can make a difference in both my own life and in people's lives.

Chong Swan Choo,
Certified Master Performance Coach


I would start by saying I thank all my lucky stars that I signed up for this course and more importantly got to meet someone like Wai K. His technique of stimulating all your thinking cells really triggers something very deep. The session felt as if I was constantly coached, to constantly be a better coach. Never once did I feel I was not getting what I bargained for. The session was insightful enough for me not only to coach others but also coach my own thought process. Now, that's something out of this world! I got so much more. I would highly recommend this session to anyone and everyone. I now feel confident to use what I have learned, not only at work but to also help those around me. One thing I know I can say now is, I walked away from this session not only as a better coach but as a better person. Thank you Wai K.

Nyanaselvi Krishnan,
Royal Bank of Canada


CMPC is a life-changing empowerment program. The Coaching Mastery is not only about learning and applying the coaching competencies; it is about being true to ourselves as a Coachee and a Coach in embarking in a transformational journey. It was a truly positive group with already high motivation and drive. It is the very willingness to learn and change that energizes the group to grow. It is the feeling that "We are all in this together" on the road of self-mastery. Being spontaneous, laughter is contagious... When Kim laughs, it stirs all of us to laughter... its about being able to see ourselves from a lighter perspective. The Validation is so powerful as it leaves us fully charged. The flow of encouragement, motivation, insights that we perhaps are somewhat aware and some we did not see. It is strange that as we practice powerful questioning, we have to remind ourselves to apply question softeners. When this really comes naturally when we speak to our children, as we celebrate in their every success. CMPC is a transformational journey that allows self-reflection and self-awareness. The heightened reflection allows the client to dream, to visualize what would not have been possible during a busy work-day. Applying the coaching competencies of active listening and powerful questions really helps to empower the coachees. Using Clarifiers allows the coaches to allow clarity of thought. As we tuned in to the client, it enables us to listen for values and beliefs and to be a sounding board for the client, discovering any Inhibiting beliefs that might derail from progressing, thus unleashing the potential of the coachees. Switching from being a Consultant and Mentor to a Coach requires a different mindset and approach. As we appreciate the Power of Silence... being comfortable with silence is a learning point for many of us. We had the privilege of experiencing the power of Great coaching both in the form of our Master Coach, Wai K and ourselves as participants. Being authentic and sharing real scenarios and reflecting in the space provided, facilitated certain life changing decisions and actions. Being recognizing our own character strengths as individuals and our desire as Coaches to Evoke Greatness in others energizes us. As our assessor shared so aptly that seeing coaching in action making a difference continues to inspire her. Certainly being encouraged by the great feedback from the Assessor and validation from each other spurs us on to be Great Coaches. We shall keep up the momentum, as a team in supporting and encouraging each other. Till we meet again, Kudos to the aspiring Great Coaches of this Workshop!

Sim Choo, Khoo,
Certified Coach, CMPC