C.O.A.Ch System

The C.O.A.Ch System is a web-based application that is designed to help you, as a coach, to support the development and progress of your coachee in the coaching program.

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What is the C.O.A.Ch system?

Coaches to:
  •  Manage their client's coaching progress.
  •  Improve communication with coach-client.
  •  Discover areas of strengths and opportunities for your client.
  •  Give and receive feedback to your client
  •  Learn coaching and mentoring tips (e-learning)
  •  Share their coaching experiences with others in a forum.

Organizations to:
  •  Develop leaders for succession planning
  •  Develop managers to be more effective coaches
  •  Unleash the creativity and potential of employees
  •  Build world-class high performance teams
  •  Promote a learning culture
  •  Encourage development of a coaching culture
  •  Develop human potential

Why do I need such a system?
  •  To help your coachee discover their talents through simple assessments.
  •  To provide a tool for your coachee to manage their progress.
  •  To provide a more effective way to communicate between coaching sessions
  •  To provide an accountability system for your coachee
  •  To remind the coach and coachee on their coaching sessions.

What is the uniqueness of this system?
  •  It is an integrated all-in-one coaching / mentoring development tool.

Who maintains the records?
  •  The coachee or client

How user friendly is the system?
  •  We know of users who are able to use the system on the spot without training because it is simple and has a logical flow.

How much is the investment on the system
  •  The system is very affordable and is on a quarterly subscription basis. You may terminate the use at any time.

Can the competencies be customized?
  •  Yes

What additional hardware do we need?
  • Just a web-enabled computer.

What are the key features?
  •  Self-Profiling tool
  •  Balance Scorecard
  •  Competency assessments
  •  360o Assessments
  •  Coaching Action Plan recording tool
  •  Coaching competency indicators
  •  Improvement Feedback for coach & coachee
  •  Coaching impact indicators
  •  Progress Action Plans tracking
  •  Development Areas progress tracking
  •  Climate survey (Leadership and Team)
  •  Coaching and Leadership tutorials & resources
  •  Organization knowledge management (coming soon)
  •  Help tools


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