C.O.A.Ch System

(Coaching for Optimal Alignment and Change)

These are some of the feedbacks from people who have evaluated and used this coaching system. We would like to thank them for their kind and supportive words.

"When I started exploring the Coaching Program for our senior management team, I did not expect to find a major differentiation between one training vendor's coaching program with another. What I like about JMC's program is the total package - course delivery, follow-on sessions, one-to-one coaching and supported by the C.O.A.Ch software system, a complete approach to ensure learning happens. Though we have yet to see the full results and the capability of the C.O.A.Ch system as it is still in the infancy stage of application (for us), I feel that it is a transparent system where both the coach and coachee are able to track each other's progress and development."

The C.O.A.Ch system should make a difference in the way leadership is being developed in our organization. It allows each individual, together with the coach to focus on specific competency development. The system also tracks Action Plans to ensure competency development happens and together with the 360 degree feedback, it provides a powerful tool for development and improvement.

One of the best elements of the C.O.A.Ch system is that it allows a 2-way feedback, for both the coach and coachee, reinforcing rapport and trust.

The C.O.A.Ch system is user friendly. On a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate it at 9 for easy operation. So far, we have not faced major issues with the system as the support from JMC is very strong. Lik Chin is responsive and troubleshoots issues promptly.

The system is flexible in that it allows customization. We are glad the competency definitions can be customized and aligned to our Competency Framework. The incorporation of our 360 degree feedback on our Core Values further enhances the value of the C.O.A.Ch system.

Overall, the C.O.A.Ch system has put together the HR development systems in our organization into 1 software. - competency assessments, 360 degree feedback, development plans, coaching evaluation and reports. The good thing is that such information is available at anytime with just a click of a button.

Kok Pooi Chen
Group HR Manager, Malaysia

"I have worked with Leong on his Coaching and Mentoring program at senior leadership levels for some years now and I am more than pleased with the level and quality of work that he has done for us."

What we had then was heaps of coaching dialogues and one-to-one executive coaching relationships in our program. While the participants looked forward to these sessions, from an organization's perspective, it was at most times a challenge to quantify the positive differences that we observed coming from our leadership team.

The C.O.A.Ch system is the first of the kind that I have come across in the field of coaching. The system provides a platform to both the coach-coachee to further cement and dialogue more tangibly on the various areas during the dialogues. This is especially useful and the system is an enabler to surface hidden areas, for example, the system is able to show the coachee's values and perspectives and these are useful hints to the coach.

For the organization, the progress can be measured more objectively and provides another level of feedback to both the coach and coachee. This further complement any developmental plans that are already enforced; the only difference is the system directly tracks and measures intangible goals more tangibly. This allows a more objective based dialogue to direct more clearly the potential areas of opportunities when working on the coachee's developmental needs; now the coachee can determine how much more work that he/she needs to do to close those gaps.

Bottom line for me, Leong, is that you should have developed this software 5 years ago! It would have made an even bigger impact!

My personal sharing is, try it and you will find the potential of the system as a tool to assist in performance behavioral changes as the process is clear, more objective and its ease of use is fantastic! I look forward to even greater upgrades from the C.O.A.Ch coaching software."

Kenny Tan,
OD Manager, Malaysia

"The C.O.A.Ch system is clean, clear, and well-designed. It is simple enough to work through, and have in-depth features specifically designed for corporate and in-house use. The graphics are attractive without overwhelming the site, or the usage of the surveys, etc. Even though I use Foxfire for my browser, everything appeared to work well.

I like how easy it is to complete the survey, enter in the assessors, and invite the assessors. The questions seem to be very appropriate for helpful feedback. Also, the FAQs were very helpful. This system is powerful because it provides feedback, with a support system to help the person integrate the feedback into their coaching practice, it could really help someone move forward. This type of feedback can give a reality check to the coach in how their coaching is received."

Leah Ocean,
Life Coach, USA

"What I liked most about the C.O.A.Ch system was the fact that it is one-in-all. All the information is in one place and easy to navigate. I don't have to look for my notes and I can easily prepare for a session. I can see how this system can save paper-work, time and leverage the way I work with all my clients.

It puts a good structure in place and a regular assessment process. I think this system shows coaches, especially those just starting-off how to use structures to support a professional attitude and not leave things out. I find that the system can support the leveraging of the coaching language. It can help attract potential clients."

Limor Shiponi,
Business Coach, Israel

"The C.O.A.Ch system amazing by its wealth of features! It is professionally designed and displays deep knowledge & competence in the area of coaching. Using the system is a "goldmine" for every aspect of ones life because it provides a systematic approach to skills development at all levels by providing a good reference of where I am to were I want to be & "how to" get there the smartest way! In fact this system opened up a new window for me to a lot of things that I have not been aware of."

Jelica Magusic,
PR Manager, Croatia

"It an excellent idea to add a Coaching Tutorial and Resources for reference in the C.O.A.Ch software to help users use the system effectively in their organization. Overall it was easy to use even without the short instructions, once you get to know how to use the system. The layout of the inputted data was really easy to read and scan and the content and material was well thought out and planned.

I think it is an excellent software to aid in not only creating effective and productive staff, but increase moral and relationships within organizations. Excellent work! The system can definitely expand to one that is catered to individuals to help themselves as well."

Lisa Tsen,
System Developer, Edmonton, Canada

This is a good holistic system for companies to develop their human capital though a systematic gathering of feedback on coaching effectiveness. Through the coaching approach, this system may be used to support achievement of business objectives and improve business performance.

Director, Singapore

"Please allow me to congratulate you on an excellent coaching system. I find the features in the C.O.A.Ch system very useful for practicing the coaching approach that you have applied in our leadership training and development program. It has given me insight into my employee's life perspective and that then allows me to tailor my approach to their expected goals in life. Thank you."

Looi Kok Kheong,
Divisional Manager

"Please allow me to congratulate you on an excellent coaching system. I find the features in the C.O.A.Ch system very useful for practicing the coaching approach that you have applied in our leadership training and development program. It has given me insight into my employee's life perspective and that then allows me to tailor my approach to their expected goals in life. Thank you."

Looi Kok Kheong,
Divisional Manager

I'm really very impressed with the C.O.A.Ch system and the rich features that this system has. This system has definitely brought human resource development to a level that is very "personal and intimate" enabling managers today to improve leadership and work performance almost immediately working with their peers and subordinates. With the web-based environment, it enables us evaluate and access information instantly 24 hours 7 days wherever we are. It is more than a coaching system for human resource development; it is a system that anyone can use to achieve their personal life goals!

Carol Yip,
Insurance Broking manager

"This is a wonderful system. It provides us with a very systematic way to develop people in our organization. What is important to us is developing our managers to be better coaches and I feel that this system is helping us do that. It is motivational when a manager-coach receives positive feedback on how the session has helped the staff and this encourages the manager to use coaching even more. It is self-sustaining through constant feedback. The other thing that I like about this system is that we as coaches can give feedback to our staff in a positive manner thereby encouraging them to do more of the behaviors that would like see."

Sebastian Tan
Finance Manager, Singapore

"It is interesting to see how others see me in my leadership areas. When I got my 360 results, I was pleasantly surprised that some of the areas that I thought I was not doing well enough was rated higher than my expectation. I guess this is partly due to what I expected out of myself. Of course there are other areas that I can do better and the 360o Leadership feedback tool will form as a benchmark for my development."

Syed Mokhtar
Area Sales Manager

"I think my boss is more focused on me now, on my ideas and suggestions. Must be the coaching training. The advantage of this system to me is that I can get myself more aligned to my boss and also understands what is important to him and what areas I can better. I don't have to guess now."

How Thian See
Sales Executive

"Surprisingly, this system is quite easy to use. I'm happy that it has helped me simplify my people development initiatives; provided me a more structured way to evaluate our people development strategies."

Shirley Khoo
HR Manager


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