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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is about helping leaders accentuate their leadership effectiveness by helping them leverage on their strengths and understanding themselves better. These are some of the feedback that we have received from clients who have participated in the program and we feel honored from their willingness to share their experiences.

"Sometime in the Jun 2015, I decided to work with an Executive Coach as an additional resource think through some organizational issues that I was working on at that time. I met with a few potential coaches and I decided to work with Wai K. Our coach-client relationship developed over 9 months and I find that Wai K was very professional in his approach and skilful in helping me think through my situations. Some of the areas that I wanted support from a coach was how to manage various stakeholders and developing my top team, at the same time how to be a better listener myself. Most of the time, he played the role of my sounding board and the value that I received through these session were higher clarity on actions that needed to be taken. I find that working with Wai K also provided me with a reminder on what is important as daily issues tend to sometime derail our focus. I would recommend him to any leaders who is looking for an executive coach as resource and support to help them on their journey.

CC Puan, CEO
Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd.

"When I started out, I was given a choice to suggest a mentor or go with one picked by HR. I decided that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and capitalize on the experience decided to go with Wai K, suggested by HR. The experience spanned from self-discovery, to learning and finally practicing what I learnt. The one aspect that I would like to call out is that, nothing was shoved down my throat. I was always made to look for the answer from within me. Wai K listened when I had an opinion and did not try to influence my thought process, he led me to think and there were self-realization moments which were thoroughly a-ha... and the light bulb would go on. Why had I not noticed this before, has been largely my reaction. Why did I need it? As a leader, I can come across to be constantly saving the world sometimes this can be undermining other people from learning or discovering. I needed to know my blind spots and the coaching helped me with that. I became more open to feedback and certainly also gained a lot of confidence and the ability to be assertive. Most importantly, i have become more aware of how what I say or do may be perceived and can be entirely misinterpreted. Coaching was not recommended because I was not a good leader, but to make me a better one, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Wai K. Being open minded about the coaching and consistently reflecting helped me maximize on the experience. I would definitely recommend this to both beta and alpha leaders. Wai K is an amazing coach, with so much insight. Thank you."

Jasmine Begum, Director
Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft (Malaysia) & Emerging Markets

"Wai K, I just want to thank you for all of the wonderful support that you have given me throughout our coaching session. I know that without your help and support, I would not have gone very far. Over the past one year, I've been able to see a significant difference in my public speaking skills. I also experienced a new level of confidence when I address my team, not only in public but in difficult one on one situations.he techniques and questions that you asked me on our first session and subsequently, continues to serve me to this day. A simple technique of closing my eyes, placing myself in the situation and seeing myself becoming the person I want to be has really helped me to find my confidence. Thank you for bringing me to the next level and assisting me in realizing my full potential. Your coaching has changed my outlook on my leadership position. Thanks to you, I am now embracing my leadership skills and aiming to be the best leader I could possibly be. I owe you many, many countless thanks."

Zafri Ab Halim, CEO
Great Eastern Takaful Insurance

"In the past year since early 2011, the Senior Leadership Team of Maxis embarked on an Executive Coaching & Development program. For this program, I personally selected Wai K to be my appointed Executive Coach over all others as I found him to be very pleasant gentleman with an amiable personality. During the course of the program, I found my sessions with Wai K to be extremely helpful in both my personal and professional development. Not only does Wai K brings with him vast experience in executive coaching, he also demonstrate strong capabilities to grasps work issues/challenges quickly. He is an extremely good listener who never fails to ask prompting questions at the right time and manner. Through his questions and our open discussions, I was guided to seek answers and solutions to any issues/challenges I was facing. I found it useful to discuss "almost anything" with Wai K, be it on a personal or professional level. He conducts himself very professionally and never fails to offer support and assistance required. I would highly recommend Wai K to any other professional executive who is in search of an Executive Coach."
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Sophia Lim, Senior Vice President
Sales & Service, Maxis Telecommunications

"Wai K is a remarkable executive coach with a proven track record. As a certified coach who has been a CEO himself previously, he not only speaks with authority but also coaches with pragmatism. His simple coaching techniques, amongst others, on effective questioning & listening skills are exceedingly powerful. Silence is golden while waiting for coachee to response. Never advise, let the coachee self-discover the problem and provide own solution methods, are extremely effective in getting quick improved results from top to junior management and even from those who are about to retire and to those who just joined the company. His pleasant and humble personality as an executive coach is extraordinary"

Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director
Nestle Bhd, Malaysia & Singapore

"This is an excellent program which clearly demonstrate to me the way coaching is to be done, through your demonstration of your skilful & excellent coaching style with me during the entire program. I have learnt to communicate with more patience, listening and understanding through raising questions, reaffirming and summarizing, confirming etc. and have developed a stronger sense of networking in the organization. This approach has helped me generate in my staff better understanding of the situation/problems, minimizing emotional elements and create better ownership of the solutions. Since the awareness, I have drastically reduced my telling/providing solution approach. I have since continued to practice the coaching style as I am convinced that this is very effective, useful and important management quality and tool in any workplace. This management approach has enhanced my relation at workplace, train staff to think better and create better ownership of their work, problem and solutions.
This one-on-one approach is an excellent approach which has allowed me to bring to my coach's attention some real life experiences being faced in the work place, and through coaching, help me resolve the matter in a different and more effective manner. This approach have also allowed me to discuss real situations with confidentiality without holding back, hence the effectiveness. Wai K clearly demonstrates his leadership skills, qualities and professionalism during the entire program, thus helping me learn faster and easier through real life role model. He acts like a mentor and is generous with his time to genuinely help me. I highly recommend this course for senior executives and managers who are open minded and determined to learn and enhance their leadership skills and styles. Thank you coach."

Theresa Yau, Senior Manager
Sales & Channel, HSBC

"Before the coaching sessions with Wai K, I would describe my leadership style as very much directive and some times quite "bossy", as I would like to get things done quickly in my way. However after the coaching, I realized the importance of developing my subordinates; just instructing them what to do and how to do it is not enough. I discovered that as a leader I need to invest time and effort to explore and be curious with what ideas my subordinates could contribute towards solving problems. Being curious is the key to develop people, as only when you are interested in knowing people's capability, ideas, options they could have, I have discovered that I can identify the best ways to solve issues most effectively together with them. This is the key learning I experienced with Wai K's coaching program and I have begun to see the benefits to myself and my team. Thanks to coaching, thanks to you, Wai K!"

Denis Li, Senior Manager
Nestle, China

"I find this program very rewarding and enriching for me because it has helped me sharpened my thinking process, assisted in prioritization of values and enhanced my decision making. Leong is an excellent coach. Wai K is a real expert in this specialized skill and I would recommend this program to anyone who desires to lead a team for performance excellence. I have learnt how to draw out from my team members, using the coaching approach, their resourceful states, ideas and strategies. This coaching program has helped both me and my subordinates to be more motivated, pushing for excellence."

Amos Yap, Academy Director
Prudential Insurance

"When I started my 3 month coaching sessions with Wai K, I was a little sceptical about what I could gain from the experience, but I was prepared to be open minded. However, after only our second session, and to my surprise I sensed an opportunity to enable a real shift of my mindset about my role and my behaviours toward those in my team, and an awareness of the difference that I could make in my own effectiveness as a leader.
By the time we completed the sessions, I can honestly say it has been a truly enlightening and valuable experience, which I am already seeing solid benefits in the way I enact my role and interact with my team. It has also been a fun experience and focused my mind on the importance of seeking positive outcomes.
Wai K is a gifted coach and has helped me to understand the distinction between managing and leading, and get me firmly moving on my own change management journey to be a more effective leader by adopting a coaching mindset in day to day team matters and with our change management program. I know am not a polished leader but Wai K has really given me the confidence to grow on my leadership journey."

Expatriate, Senior Regional Manager
Oil & Gas Industry

"Wai's coaching has changed my life! I look at my personal/professional life with more enthusiasm, feel more confident and have rediscovered my purpose in life. I would like to acknowledge Leong for the genuine support provided and I always felt rejuvenated after every coaching session. When Leong challenges me to think about what is important for me, my commitment level in wanting to improve and the actions I intend to take. His active listening, hearing beyond what is being said, asking powerful questions that sets me thinking, helping me reframe my perspectives and sharing with me his experience. His non-threatening style of coaching helps me focus on an area at a time. He never fails to acknowledge me in every session. His tone of voice, the way he speaks makes me feel safe to talk to him right from the very first session. That helps to bring my true self out. My coach is a natural. Keep up the good work coach!"

Tan Khar Hoay, Human Resource Director
NGO Industry

"I have found the coaching sessions to be very valuable and helpful to me. Being a new coach in training and in the process of setting up my business the coaching sessions have been great to inspire and spur me on in the right direction. Overall it has worked really well. We have been able to cover many different subjects related to me as a coach. It has helped me to better understand the role of a coach and how powerful coaching can be. The most effective thing that Wai did for me was to help realize a few UAC's that has been a bit of a hinder for me setting up my business. Leong has also helped me gain a better understanding of my potential niches. Leong has been a great coach for me; very affirmative, encouraging and quick to acknowledge which has created enthusiasm. I can very much recommend him as a coach!"

Niclas Collen, Life Coach
Malmo (Sweden)

"This program is very powerful. It is the best personal/work development program I have ever experienced. I have developed so much self-awareness with this coaching program that my ability to manage my subordinates have improved tremendously as a result of this awareness about my strengths. It is my honor to have the opportunity to be coached by you. Through these coaching sessions, I have learnt different strategies of handling difficult situations and managing people. Most importantly, I have developed a stronger sense of self-awareness & self-control which is very useful at work & personal. I have also gained a better understanding in a macro view on how a corporate function in terms of expectation, culture & motivation for its employees to strive to reach a common goals together. A big thank you, Wai K!"

Sebastian Yeoh, Asso. Clinical Research Mgr
Pharmaceutical Industry (Singapore)

"I have found the sessions to be very useful. My overall coaching goal with Wai was with regards to building a coaching practice as an executive coach. Wai has been able to very effectively support me by:

  •  helping me see that my previous experiences and credentials are useful in building my credibility as a coach through his questions.
  •  helped me explore ways in which I could market my services.
  •  using role plays to help me explore various ways I could handle a trial session with a CEO prospect (my first with a senior executive);
  •  sharing with me his own experience in executive coaching, and asking me how that would benefit me;
  •  helping me see some pitfalls to avoid in executive coaching when it is organisation-sponsored.

Wai gave me space to find myself as an executive coach. He did not hold up an ideal model which I HAD to follow. He did not once intimate that I was lacking in this or that area. He did not make me feel inadequate. Instead, he just let me be myself, and partnered me on this expedition of discovery. I guess this was just what I needed - a companion who could encourage me when needed, reflect back to me my own thoughts and feelings and re-package them in a way which made more sense, and provide the accountability which is so important in reaching a goal. The most effective thing that Wai did for me was to build my confidence as an executive coach. Looking back from when Wai first started coaching me about 2 ½ months ago on December 8 till today, my confidence has grown from about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 to about 8. I now feel that I can coach my targeted clients - senior executives and high potentials - in most areas. I also realise that I have particular strengths in communication especially public communication and behavioural changes. Of course, the coaching programme has been immensely valuable. But Wai has helped me achieve this level of confidence much faster than if I were to do it on my own. Included in this is that I need not be anxious over the outcome of the coaching. He helped me see that it's not up to me alone, but it is a partnership. Hence I should just enjoy the session, and flow with client. Wai has an easy-going, gentle style which would go down well with a wide variety of clients. He is obviously an experienced executive coach (having many years of coaching behind him)."

YTL, Director,
Building and Construction Industry, Singapore

"This is an excellent program and I would strongly encourage many others in this organization to participate in it for the benefit of the individual and the bank. The sessions with Wai K has helped me develop my coaching skills to coach my team members to share and achieve common goals and vision. I have discovered techniques that were very effective in motivating and strengthening my team cohesiveness. The program too improved my confidence level when dealing with different situations and people. I have discovered my strength and further enhance those areas and also it allow me to identify opportunities. The discussion with Leong opened up my mind to possibilities which I would never have considered before. He also provoked me to rethink about the barriers and how to overcome them. The most powerful thing personally for me in the sessions was in the questioning techniques and role-plays. The techniques used were very motivational and it inspired me to excel further. In addition, it has enabled me to extract higher value out of team members practicing the same techniques on them.
For example my team's sales target was to achieve RM1b in new business by December 05. Using the techniques learnt, the team members willingly pushed themselves and we achieved our year's target in August 05! By November 05, my team achieved RM1.4b in assets! We expect to close the year at 1.5b (50% over-achievement). As a reward, my team was chosen as the first team to hold off-site meeting at Tioman Island (outside Kuala Lumpur) in September 05. My team has also collected RM30,000 in incentive award for our next year trip abroad. The most effective thing that Leong helped me was to build and enhance my confidence level. He also has assisted me in identifying my potential and transformed my belief and behaviour towards achieving higher goals. I shall never forget his statement "WHAT'S STOPPING/PREVENTING ME TO..." You thought me a lot and allowed me to discover myself including my strengths and give me options on how to deal with certain situation. This is a great program an I'm thankful to the bank for enrolling me into it and others should be given the opportunity to attend the same."

Maimunah Alias, New Business Dev. Mgr
Banking Sector

"Wai K, it has been a pleasure having you as coach over the last year. To pen a few words as to how I have benefited from our sessions will not do justice for the amount of benefit I have garnered from your good assistance given. I have benefited tremendously in this executive coaching program. You have helped me strengthened my leadership abilities over the six months period culminating in my promotion to Regional Manager. The coaching has created a higher level of self-awareness about my leadership styles and it has also sharpened my skills to engage and build teams to shared my vision and goals. Being coached has helped me indirectly to pick up coaching skills to coach my team members. It is a very powerful management tool. Specifically you have enabled me to do the following in a much better manner:

  •  Change my management style to one of more Coaching and Mentoring
  •  Stayed focused on the main goals to be achieved in my Area of Management and get better results through my people
  •  Improve balance between Work and My Life
  •  Rehearse and explore better methods and means of influencing people
  •  Better strategies to deal with conflict situations
  •  Build Trust through the emotional safety bank approach with work colleagues
These are invaluable elements for my elevation in Management and even Time management which I am at still a rating of about 8 out 10 but a lot better than the 2 out of 10 as in the past."

Thomas Varughese, Regional Manager
Banking Sector

"This program was particularly rewarding for me in learning how to seek alignment with various parties on goals and objectives e.g. with subordinates, peers and superiors. Seeking agreement and achieving consensus, especially in difficult situations where these goals/objectives may not be directly linked to their own performance measurements. This program confirms that 'growing' the people in your team is the key in achieving superior results and performance. The ability to be a good leader is in how effectively one supports and work with the teams through effective coaching, guidance and obtaining their buy-in on a strategy to be implemented. Leadership goes further to the ability to work effectively with the other departments and seeking their alignment/agreement on proposed strategies. At the same time, the ability to keep an open mind on ideas and suggestions that can improve the overall strategy is the key in moving forward. I will continue to focus in developing my team and focusing on the individuals' growth through coaching to achieve overall results for the business. My challenge is to inculcate this into the rest of the team members so that every layer of management practices this coaching approach. Thank you Wai K for helping me jump start this process."

Linda Yip, Regional Sales Manager
Banking Sector

"I should have taken coaching years ago. I have developed a higher sense confidence in myself and my leadership and management skills. Wai K has been able to pinpoint and coached areas in my life that needed help and this has resulted in my peers and subordinates seeing a difference in me. The sessions have helped me defined my objectives and focused on my priorities. I truly feel a tremendous change in my outlook in life and my behavior. I have learnt good coaching skills and strategies in handling difficult situations and developing people. I enjoyed the coaching very much. We used actual working cases and situations for our discussions. The agreed approaches or strategies were applied and the progress and outcome were monitored and followed up. I not only learnt but also achieved a lot. I appreciate very much Wai K's coaching and will continuously apply what I have learnt from the coaching sessions. Thank-you coach."

Dr Luke Lin, Medical Director
Pharmaceutical Industry (Singapore)

"Wai K and his partner coached and mentored our management team in 2003 in GSK and our managers in turn applied the techniques they learned with their own subordinates. We began to see behavior changes so much so that after the conclusion of the Coaching Leadership Program, we had request from the team for them to continue with it. I am more than happy to recommend to anyone, be it on an individual basis or as a corporate program that Leong is one of the best when it comes to learning and more importantly applying what coaching and mentoring is all about." (For a detailed testimonial)

Kenny Tan, Organization Development Mgr
Pharmaceutical Industry

"Thanks Wai K, for all the great things that I had learned from you. In the beginning, I thought that this coaching was just training or motivational session but now I discovered that it is a very systematic and effective approach to self-discovery and learning. It is very interesting to realized how important for everyone to organize and manage their thoughts and approach in everything that they do. The leadership coaching sessions have benefited me in the areas of developing a higher sense of purpose at work, a more balanced work-life and it has also sharpened my leadership and people coaching skills. My key objective of learning how to build and manage teams has also improved."

CH Ting, Marketing Manager
Automotive Industry

"I find the coaching sessions with Wai K very thought provoking, helpful and it brought clarity for me that lead to action. I have learned the skills of asking questions more effectively. The most powerful thing that I benefited from this coaching is that it has helped me clarify my purpose and objective for being a coach. I am very pleased with Wai's approach and coaching style and this has created a very good and positive experience for me."

Doris Ng, Branch Manager
Banking Industry, Singapore

The dialogue that I had with Wai K were very productive especially on the skills of good probing to peel off layers to reach the underlying core to learn on what motivates oneself. It was also very helpful for me to enhance my skill to adopt good coaching with my subordinates. I think working with our subordinates is a skill area which we all as managers need to build strongly and consistently. Building our area managers skills not only makes them better managers but also the ripple effects will create a positive environment where respect between employees is created.

Choong Kit Son, Regional Sales Manager
Pharmaceutical Industry

"Before attending your coaching session, I didn't have the slightest idea of what coaching session is all about. After going through it for a couple of times, I found that it was different from other training which I had attended. I am grateful to my boss for including me in these sessions. Even though this is only my third session, I have personally felt a big change in me especially in what I want to be and my attitude in life. It also helped to focus in my work and my family life, increased my self-motivation and I made these CHOICES on my own. One very good example was when we went through the need for me to do physical exercise to improve my health. I was giving a lot of reasons and excuses for not doing it. Eventually I realized that it was an unconscious CHOICE that I have made. Well, I now realized that I have a CHOICE to be what I want. If I choose to be positive, then I are positive and if I choose to be the other way round, then I believed the result is always negative. I am confident that with your continued coaching sessions, I will become a better and more effective person at work and in my personal life. Thank you coach Wai K"

Simon Soh, General Manager
Automotive Industry

"I have gained so much in the last 6 months since the beginning of this coaching program. I feel more confident in my leadership abilities and I now enjoy communicating with others at ease. This program has given me valuable insight about my aims in life and personal satisfaction at work. Before this program I would rate my coaching abilities to be about 5 (on a scale of 10) and now I'm confident to say that it is about 9. Wai K, thank you."

Dr Mano Paranjothy , Medical Affairs
Pharmacuetical Industry

"Wai K, slightly more than year ago, I met up with you at Centre Point, MC Donald where you gave me an opportunity to interview you. Recalling the chat we had, I must say "Thank You" to you as you have ask me one question that has made a huge difference for me and that was " Is this what I really want to do?" Ever since then I stop to ask this question when I see something that maybe of interest to me but may not be a long term fulfilment for me and with that I usually manage to turn away what was not right for me. A year after our meeting, I finally took up my NLP Practitioner Cert. I have now set my goal to be a trainer and will make it there soon. I just thought I'd share this progress with you as I really want to thank you for opening up my mind through that chat we had. I have been using that question to most of the people whom I train and coach who seemed to be "lost" or "out of focus" and it really helped. Once again, thank you."

Joanna Chong,
Certified NLP Trainer


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