Will vs Try

The words we use reflect our mental states. As coaches, you need to be aware of these usages by your coachee during your coaching sessions. When the coachee uses:

"Trying" is as good as not doing it full-heartedly. It provides an avenue for the coachee to give a reason or excuse for failing.

"Will" has a higher level of commitment.

Example 1: "Try"

Coach:   So what will you do as a result of this discussion?  
Coachee:   I'll try to speak to him and see what happens.  
Coach:   I hear you use the word "Try". What might stop you from succeeding?  
Coachee:   Nothing. Maybe time as I am so busy.  
Coach:   When is it most realistic that you can do that?  
Coachee:   I'll try to do it tomorrow morning.  
Coach:   I hear you use the word "try" again. What does it take to do it tomorrow?  
Coachee:   Ok, I will do it tomorrow.  

Example 2: "Will"

Coach:   So what do you plan to do after this?  
Coachee:   I will talk to him and see what happens.  
Coach:   When do you plan to do that?  
Coachee:   Tomorrow morning.  


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I am always impressed with Wai's ability to be with the client and coach them from where they are. He brings clarity and authenticity to his coaching. He is able to reach the heart of the matter with grace and skill.

Joanne Waldman
M.Ed, PCC, LPC, NCC New Perspective Coaching

Wai has a very professional Coaching Presence. He consistently listens on a deep level-he has a true talent here. He moves his client skillfully to Designing Actions, based on the client's focus. He is very honoring of his clients and asks good follow-up questions.

Sheri Boone
MCC, CL Inspired Mastery